Here you will find all the information you will need as a Top Swimwear 2012 finalist. Please keep up to date with the information and check back for latest news regularly, if you have any questions about anything please write on the wall of the finalists only group on Facebook, so one of Kerri's assistants can help you.

Please do this before emailing Kerri as she is away in Los Angeles. You can request to join the finalists only group on Facebook here if you are not currently a member. This also allows finalists to communicate together, plan outfits, and help each other out as well as several of our girls have also done the competition before and so will be assisting others.

There is lots of information to go through so please read it all carefully, and check things over. Girls often email asking questions about things which are clearly outlined in the information given to them so please be thorough.

You'll find the information arranged in sections, to help you quickly go to which part you need to check when going over the information. You will also find example images to help you with outfits as well - as we know this is sometimes the hardest part of preparing for a modelling competition!

Stay tuned for galleries coming soon, and videos as well to give you an idea of what it will be like! We have changed venues this year, with the final being held at Tao Nightclub in Norwich, but we will have a similar set up to last years competition at Project Nightclub.

Details such as order of appearance on stage, press shoot, how to buy tickets etc will be available nearer the time, and will be emailed to you and placed on the Facebook group as well so you are continuously updated.


Information for Top Swimwear Model 2012 Finalists


Venue date, times and schedules

Finalists will be required on Sunday 10th June to attend the final, which will start at 6pm. You will be required to arrive at 10am on the day of the final for shoots and rehearsals, however if you cannot arrive until later for work reasons the latest you can arrive is 4pm as you must learn the routines before the doors open at 6pm.

We have included a photoshoot for finalists on the Saturday afternoon as well as part of your prize package, this will begin at 2pm and you will find details of this in the shoot schedules.

Saturday night we will have a big night out for all of the finalists at Tao Nightclub with VIP tables which you and a guest are welcome to attend. These events are included for girls to enjoy a whole weekend, they are not essential for you to attend but we highly recommend you do as it is great meeting everyone and having a night out with the girls before the final - everyone makes so many new friends and feels more confident on the day.

Times of the final

Guests will be able to arrive at 6pm when doors open, there may be space for guests to wait at the venue during the day but because of rehearsals and shoots it is unlikely. There are plenty of shops and bars nearby for guests to visit.

The final will finish by 9pm on the Sunday and guests and finalists can then enjoy the after party if they wish.

Hotel deals

The Oaklands Hotel sponsors the competition with discounted rooms. Prices are as follows: Saturday night £49 single room, £79 for a double or twin room with full English breakfast. Sunday night £39 for singles and £59 for doubles with full English breakfast.

To book please email Sarah Jones or call her on 01603 703369 and quote Top Swimwear Model final. Guests can also book at this special rate as well.


Outfits you will need for the competition

There will be 4 rounds for you to compete in as a finalist - the Baywatch round, White bikini round, Swimsuit round, and Customised bikini round.

The Baywatch Round can be a red swimsuit or bikini or a themed outfit - this is always an amazing round! You can find a cheap baywatch hat or float on ebay, or get the official badge off ebay to sew onto a swimsuit! It will be Baywatch music and it's meant as a fun opening round! Any heels will be ok, and wear your hair down. Hair swishes are optional :)

The White Bikini Round can be any white two piece bikini it cannot be a one piece. It can have features on it but the main colour must be white, you can accessorize it as you wish.

The Swimsuit Round must be a one piece, any colour, and can be a cut out swimsuit this is allowed, you can again assessorize it as you wish with jewellery, hats,etc.


The last round is the Customised Round where you can either make your own bikini or swimsuit or customise one, it can be any colour and you can add beads, glitter, pearls, jewels, chains, army badges, a floaty skirt back and so on! This is your chance to get creative and really show off your personality. Go to town if you wish! There will also be prizes for the best outfit!


There will be no on stage interview as there are in pageants as this is a modelling competition however there will be interviews in the day for judges to get to know your personality, hobbies and achievements.


Shoot Schedules

You have 3 shoots as part of your finalist package, this is just us giving you a fantastic deal as one of our finalists and to thank you for choosing our competition. You are free to do as little or as much shooting for your calendar and your portfolio as you please, depending on your availability and travel.

You have the choice of attending the following shoots and will get to keep all images from each of them for your calendar and portfolio. You will supply your own swimwear which can be bikinis or one pieces, and accessorized as you wish.

Saturday 9th June - Location shoot in Norwich if the weather permits, inside with studio set ups if the weather is bad. This will start at 2pm please arrive then ready to shoot. If you wish to book hair and make up this can be done at a cost of £10 including false eyelashes please advise Kerri if you wish to book this. You will receive location information before the shoot.

Sunday 10th June - You will be able to shoot at the venue before the grand final in the evening, the day will comprise of shoots and rehearsals. You can arrive after 10am on this day. Hair and make up can be booked again at a cost of £10 including false eyelashes, with touch ups before the final in the evening so you look your best on stage.

Beach shoot - TBA - You will also get the chance to spend the day shooting on the beach during the summer, with dates to be announced once Kerri knows when she will be back from LA. This will allow you to also get beach images for your calendar! You will be advised when we have a date for this.


Awards on the evening

We like to do awards as well as have our overall winner, and the top 5 will all receive a sash, the top 3 receiving sash and crown. We will also give out the following 4 awards for fast track to the Top 12:

Top Swimwear Model - Best Beach Body award - this will be going to the girl who shows us the beach beach body! A size 12 girl could beat a size 6 girl in this award if she was toned and looks sexy and confident!

Top Swimwear Model - Most Photogenic Award - this will be to the model who we feel was the most photogenic in her shoots during the day.

Top Swimwear Model - Popularity Award - This goes to the girl who sells the most tickets to the event to family and friends to come and support her. We understand that girls from further away cannot bring as many friends and family as the local girls, so we will also be running another award for popularity as well.

Top Swimwear Model - Public Voting Award - this will be done using likes on Facebook so it is free without text voting involved, we will have this available on the group two weeks before the competition starts to give you two weeks to get likes (votes!)!

We do not agree with expensive text voting in our competition this is a rip off and we wish other competitions did not take advantage of cashing in this way.

Fast track

These 4 award winners will be fast tracked to the final 12 on the night, the judges will chose 8 girls to join these 4 to make the final 12 who will do another catwalk for the judges to give them one last chance to impress them! The judges will then chose their 1st, 2nd, 3rd place! The top 12 will all appear in the official bikini babes 2013 calendar as well as their own one!

Your 2013 calendar and earning money from it

Each finalist will receive their very own 2013 official calendar on sale next to Kerri's official calendar on the Calendar Models website!

Every girls calendar will be produced, designed, printed and posted out for you! All you have to do is promote it! You will even get to make money from it! Each girl will get to keep £3 profit per calendar sale, whether she promotes it or whether other customers view it and decide to buy a copy!

If you want to make your calendar more glamour to sell more and make more money you are welcome to do whatever shots you want - glamour, implied, topless if you wish.

If you do not wish to have your calendar for sale on the store and only want it for yourself this is fine you can just order a copy to keep for yourself. The A3 calendars will retail at £12.99!

Once all of your shoots are completed you will choose your favourite 12 images which we have taken of you, and send them to our development team to produce your calendar.

It will be designed, and printed for you, and also placed on the calendar site for sale, all for free for our finalists! You can then promote your calendar as you wish to get sales and make a profit from it!